If you are in danger and need immediate help, you can: 
  • call 999 and ask to speak to the Police  
  • if deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired: text (SMS) 999 (emergency), contact BSL, or text 18001 (non-emergency)
  • if you are on campus, you can seek assistance from the Reception Desk which is typically located near the entrance or in the middle of each main campus building 
Good to know:
  •  you can report hate crime at any local police station
  • sometimes victims or witnesses of hate crime do not feel comfortable reporting the incident to the police. They might be more comfortable reporting it to someone they know.  Police Scotland works in partnership with a number of organisations and groups, to take reports, known as Third Party Reporting centres.  Ayrshire College is a Third Party Reporting centre.  This means, we have a number of staff who are trained and can support you to submit a report to Police Scotland.  More information here:  Report Hate Crime to Police Scotland - Police Scotland 
  • Ayrshire College is working towards becoming a registered Keep Safe place for those who have a disability and are requiring a safe location as a result of being targeted because of their disability.  More information here:  About Keep Safe (iammescotland.co.uk) 

Hate crime can feel like a very personal attack on you.  Sometimes, we don't even recognise it has happened to us or we dismiss it as something to be ignored.   You can use Report + Support to access support from the College or anonymously let us know that there is a potential issue here.  

Information and support:

There are two ways you can tell us what happened