If you have seen something that you think is a hate crime or know someone who is experiencing it, tell us or report it to Police Scotland.  

What can you do?

A key reason Ayrshire College has Report + Support is to enable us to be a safe and inclusive college community.  Words or actions that might be dressed up as 'only banter' may in fact be deliberate acts motivated by hate or prejudice.   

Report it
  • You can report it through Report + Support or in another way such as contacting Student Services (Students), Human Resources (Staff) or PC Claire Bysouth, Police Liaison Officer

Talk it out
  •  If someone you know has been affected, you can encourage them to seek support.  Taking time to listen might be just enough to reassure them that you believe them.   Allow them to think through their options and give them the space to decide what is best for them

Take care of yourself 
  • We are here for you too and you can access support from the College also.  You aren't in this alone. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened