What is happening or has happened to you isn't your fault.   When you are ready, we will be here to support you the best we can. 

What matters most to us, is that you get the support you feel you want and need.  So, that might mean you choose to not report an experience or incident to us through Report + Support.  That's ok.   

But, when you tell us, we can better support you and others like you.   Here's who you can be in touch with for support:

Student Services

Each main College campus has a team of Student Services Advisors who are able to support Ayrshire College students with a number of different queries or concerns.  When you become an Ayrshire College student, your Student Services Advisor will become known to you.  If however, you are unsure who they are and would like some support, call Student Services on  (01294) 555333 or email them on  studentservices@ayrshire.ac.uk.

College Liaison Officers

Ayrshire College has three College Liaison Officers who are based at the College full-time and provide advice, guidance and support to students and staff.  You can contact them directly or through Student Services.  

  • PC Claire Bysouth - Police Liaison Officer 
  • Anne Kennedy - Alcohol and Drugs Liaison Officer 
  • Michelle Morton - Mental Health Liaison Officer 

    Human Resources
Ayrshire College staff can contact a Human Resources Advisor for support.  The College has three HR Advisors who are based at our Ayr Campus: 

  • Stephanie Campbell 
  • Lucy Shields 
  • Susanne Young
All general enquiries can be made via the HR team mailbox on HR@ayrshire.ac.uk. 

The College also has Togetherall for our students and PAM Assist for our staff.   These resources are for you to use freely and when you feel you may benefit from them.  

You matter to us.  We will do what we can to make you feel safe and supported at College.


There are two ways you can tell us what happened